Update 2017 about Sami Sulaiman Alrajhi


The name of the father of my son is Sulaiman Abdulaziz Saleh Abdullah Alrajhi, he will be 32 years old on April 16th and he lives in Riyadh. 

Sami is about to turn 5 years on January 30th and time flies but not memories. Since everything started 5 years ago I truly believed that Sami would be the greatest blessing in my life, and I was not wrong. Sami has brought the best moments to my life and makes my life complete, seriously I cannot imagine my life without him. Sami is a very smart, handsome and compassionate little boy, he is always trying to make people laugh, and when anyone needs help he is always willing to do it without thinking. I remember one of his greatest actions few months ago, we were in the car, and he saw a homeless little boy who did not have shoes, so he asked me if he could talk to him, so we stopped the car and he opened his window, he called the boy and gave him his shoes… to be honest I was so surprised and could not said anything because I was amazed of the humble heart he owns. Later on, I congratulated him and explained that there are people who need more than us.

For some reason, these past weeks I’ve been receiving kind e-mails from Saudi people who have read my son Sami story asking about Sami’s life and if we could get his freedom. In my previous update in 2015 I’ve described some of the things that happened when I went to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, the contact with Sulaiman’s father Abdulaziz and his brother Bader, and the consequences of not having the signature of Sulaiman to legalize Sami in my country. I am still encouraging Sami to respect and pray for his father and his family because I know that one day he will be able to forgive what they did to him.

Well, things had changed a little bit, not as fast as we want but we are living life one day at a time and with our hopes higher we have made some progress. Laws have not change at all in Guatemala, on the contrary every year things get more complicate it and we required more papers that we are not even close to get without Sulaiman agreement but we hired other lawyer that seems to know what he is doing. One of the my main worries and problems of not having Sami register in Guatemala was that he could not study in a regular school, Alhamdulillah this changed and Sami is attending to one of the best schools in the city, he is learning many new things and enjoying his school, and I am very thankful for this opportunity and feel a little bit of relief because he is having a good education. On the other hand, Sami is still illegal and the lawyer is trying to find resources or ways to get him legal in this country, we are praying for this to happen soon because it is hard for Sami to live like this. Also, we still cannot return to the United States, first because we still owe the Guatemalan government a fine ($10 per day) that is increasing daily for not being legal, and then because Sulaiman needs to sign a permission for Sami to travel. So basically, we are still without hands tied but not even this is stopping us to be happy, grateful for what we have and to believe that one-day we are going to be free of this nightmare.

If someone ask me today if I regret something that had happened in my life since I met Sulaiman, I will definitely say NO… Because even thought it has been so harsh Sulaiman gave me the best of my life, which is my little boy Sami. The pain is not part of my life anymore because I have learned to live my life without regrets, without thinking what would happens if and by forgiving people who had do wrong to Sami and me. I also have learned to don’t hold grudges and enjoy the beauty of things around us. Most importantly, I have learned to put my trust in Allah because he suffices us.  

I truly believe that one day Allah will make justice and Sami will gets what he deserve, and that not all Saudis are the same, I really think that there are good and bad people every where and that we need to pray for the strength to endure a difficult path.

In addition, I want to thank people who have been asking about Sami and who have been praying for us. Also, I want to thanks Sulaiman as usual for letting me give enough love to our son as if you were here.


Umm Sami 

E-mail: mandrechang.sami@gmail.com

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6 thoughts on “Update 2017 about Sami Sulaiman Alrajhi

  1. michelle lohnes

    Sorry to hear about all the complications you are having with his citizenship. I hope it gets worked out.
    My daughter was with a Saudi student here in Canada. They dated for over a year when she got pregnant. He stayed throughout her pregnancy. As a matter of fact he was in the delivery room with me when his daughter was born. My daughter was convinced he was going to marry her and stay in this country. After about a month he told the family that his brother was getting married in Saudi and he was going to go. At first he told us he was coming back at a certain date and it didn’t happen then it was another lie. Needless to say he devastated my daughter the mother of his little girl. My granddaughter will be 5 this coming may and he has done nothing to help or support this child. I’ve called his mom and dad and both are in denial. His mom said he is a good Muslim and he would not have had sex with any girl in Canada and his father told me to f@*k off and never call him again. Lovely people who are suppose to be good Muslims! What a joke. As this child’s grandmother I can’t and won’t forgive him for what he did to her and her mother. My daughter has to live in government housing and is living in poverty because she is not making enough money to support her daughter as a single parent. As for him nothing has changed. I’m sure he doesn’t have to go to a food bank or live in an unsafe neighborhood. He is in a position to help her financially but he doesn’t. She is going back to school this Sept so hopefully it will improve her circumstances so she can give her daughter a better life. I have no empathy for a man who makes a child with someone and then dissappears without any responsibility. To me if these men are coming to other countries to go to school and they make children while they are here then they should be paying child support if they really don’t want them.
    I hope Sami’s mom gets things worked out for her and her son. Unlike her I am one grandmother that will never forgive the man who did this to my daughter and her beautiful daughter. Michelle Lohnes

    • Ruqia

      Boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is forbidden in Islam. So if he dates your daughter got your daughter pregnant then he’s obviously not a practicing Muslim and up to no good! That should have been a sign. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter, but many woman around the world go through the same situation and I don’t think that blasting men online will change anything. Best thing is to move on and for your daughter to accept her mistakes in believing a faulty guy. Shit happens! Hopefully she can get a job and afford the life better

    • The Advisor

      DNA is the final dilutio. Approach embassy at ur end with copies of all documentations that document his being in Canada such as photos, papers, university registry……etc. And, Just ask for running a DNA test. In this case, they have no choice than to accept, give all expenses and shoulder all responsibilities towards her and baby too.
      Wishing u the best.

  2. شخص


  3. The Advisor

    Well; I went through your story. I felt really sad how ppl sometimes commit such crimes to their own family. Well; let me be HONEST! Suleiman is merely afraid of family here in ksa. This is the main reason. Just keep on thesr following small points. Only these points are of high importance as they suggest your point of view in a direct way and in less than a minute.
    Documents that connects u with him, photos ID# as they are of importance. 2ndly, Dow always your readiness to do the DNA test to prove the fatherhood.
    Wishing u the best.

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