Update 2017 about Sami Sulaiman Alrajhi


The name of the father of my son is Sulaiman Abdulaziz Saleh Abdullah Alrajhi, he will be 32 years old on April 16th and he lives in Riyadh. 

Sami is about to turn 5 years on January 30th and time flies but not memories. Since everything started 5 years ago I truly believed that Sami would be the greatest blessing in my life, and I was not wrong. Sami has brought the best moments to my life and makes my life complete, seriously I cannot imagine my life without him. Sami is a very smart, handsome and compassionate little boy, he is always trying to make people laugh, and when anyone needs help he is always willing to do it without thinking. I remember one of his greatest actions few months ago, we were in the car, and he saw a homeless little boy who did not have shoes, so he asked me if he could talk to him, so we stopped the car and he opened his window, he called the boy and gave him his shoes… to be honest I was so surprised and could not said anything because I was amazed of the humble heart he owns. Later on, I congratulated him and explained that there are people who need more than us.

For some reason, these past weeks I’ve been receiving kind e-mails from Saudi people who have read my son Sami story asking about Sami’s life and if we could get his freedom. In my previous update in 2015 I’ve described some of the things that happened when I went to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, the contact with Sulaiman’s father Abdulaziz and his brother Bader, and the consequences of not having the signature of Sulaiman to legalize Sami in my country. I am still encouraging Sami to respect and pray for his father and his family because I know that one day he will be able to forgive what they did to him.

Well, things had changed a little bit, not as fast as we want but we are living life one day at a time and with our hopes higher we have made some progress. Laws have not change at all in Guatemala, on the contrary every year things get more complicate it and we required more papers that we are not even close to get without Sulaiman agreement but we hired other lawyer that seems to know what he is doing. One of the my main worries and problems of not having Sami register in Guatemala was that he could not study in a regular school, Alhamdulillah this changed and Sami is attending to one of the best schools in the city, he is learning many new things and enjoying his school, and I am very thankful for this opportunity and feel a little bit of relief because he is having a good education. On the other hand, Sami is still illegal and the lawyer is trying to find resources or ways to get him legal in this country, we are praying for this to happen soon because it is hard for Sami to live like this. Also, we still cannot return to the United States, first because we still owe the Guatemalan government a fine ($10 per day) that is increasing daily for not being legal, and then because Sulaiman needs to sign a permission for Sami to travel. So basically, we are still without hands tied but not even this is stopping us to be happy, grateful for what we have and to believe that one-day we are going to be free of this nightmare.

If someone ask me today if I regret something that had happened in my life since I met Sulaiman, I will definitely say NO… Because even thought it has been so harsh Sulaiman gave me the best of my life, which is my little boy Sami. The pain is not part of my life anymore because I have learned to live my life without regrets, without thinking what would happens if and by forgiving people who had do wrong to Sami and me. I also have learned to don’t hold grudges and enjoy the beauty of things around us. Most importantly, I have learned to put my trust in Allah because he suffices us.  

I truly believe that one day Allah will make justice and Sami will gets what he deserve, and that not all Saudis are the same, I really think that there are good and bad people every where and that we need to pray for the strength to endure a difficult path.

In addition, I want to thank people who have been asking about Sami and who have been praying for us. Also, I want to thanks Sulaiman as usual for letting me give enough love to our son as if you were here.


Umm Sami 

E-mail: mandrechang.sami@gmail.com

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Makki Anwar Ibrahim Shareiah Makkah

We were recently contacted by Shaima a young single mother who originates from the Philippines. After a relationship with Makki she became pregnant. Here is her story.

Were both nurse in one hospital. Were together for about 11months before I get pregnant. After i confirm that i am pregnant i told him everything. and he get angry he told me that i need to abort my pregnancy or he will leave me. Then we start to fight and i didnt agree to abort my baby coz im afraid to god. I convince him to accept the reality that we will become parent soon but he never accept it after fighting with him for almost 2weeks i decided to go back to philippines and continue my pregnancy. Then i inform my family about my situation of course they are upset and angry with me because i did a big haram in my life were muslim as expected they are blaming me. But they accept everything. Before i leave saudi he talk to me and say he will help me for all i just need to inform him what i need. But later on everything change again but i dont mind it coz i need to prepare my self for my delivery. He never contact me for 2months. I deliver my baby via CS and i pay all my expenses and hospital bills. When the time come that i dont have enough money to support my baby i ask his help then he start to help me for 4months only then he never contact me again i try to contact him but he blocked all my numbers i dont know what happen then i decided to call his parent to inform everything but i failed coz his parent doesnt believe me. I was so upset and stress dont know where i can find money to support the needs of my daughter my family somehow help me for my daughter but still there is blaming part. This was very difficult part of my life. I dont know what i can do to support my daughter then i decided to go to saudi again to work and then i try to talk with him again and convince him to accept his daughter but he never accept. Then we never talk again its been 3yrs the last time i talk to him my daughter now turning 4yrs old and started to ask about her father but i dont know how to answer all of her question. Its hurt every time i saw her looking at other kids with there father it melt my heart coz i know what she feels. Now i decided to stay with her here in philippines coz i dont like her to feel that she dont have family. Im the only one who suffer more while her father doing nothing making his life better and not thinking about her daughter.

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He’s Looking for his dad Hamad Saud Alkhaldi

 Hamad saud Alkhaldi  and his son

Hamad saud Alkhaldi and his son

He left a week before the baby was born , now he’s 9 months and last time Hamad saud Alkhaldi contact me was on Valentines day 02-14-15 to say that he loves me but he didn’t even ask for he’s baby 😥

He got really mad on 6-30-15 because I send him a picture of he’s son having he’s first birthday and this is what he answers me .. I have no words I just feel so disappointed/ What a shame of man 😦




I just hope God take care of my baby and me I don’t really care anymore about a guy who lie saying that he loves me when he’s unable to love he’s own blood ..


Plus I don’t need to pray 5 times a day and lie the rest of the day or just been an double moral person who you think u are cheating ??

God knows who u are in real life a heartless person .. !

But I believe in God and I know he’s the one who’s going to ask you about this precious child who is a blessing for me and should be for u too , he was born the first day of Ramadan and not even for that reason you can have some fear in God he wanted to be that way .! I’m glad that he chose me to be the mother of this beautiful baby .. Al 💖hamdudillah !

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اخر اخبار سامي بن سليمان الراجحي ( ٢٠١٥) / Update about Sami Sulaiman Alrajhi 2015

May 2015

May 2015

Assalamu Alaikom warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu,

Sami's footprints

Sami’s footprints at the Hospital

Sami turned 3 years old on January 30th, 2015 and many things had happened since his father abandoned us. In my previous posts there were a little bit of our story and everything we have gone though all these years, specially my efforts to get Sami’s freedom back and his papers done to be legal in Guatemala. I decided to remain quiet because I needed time to heal my heart. Believe me I was overwhelmed, super tried, and very frustrated because I want the best for Sami.

Sami's 3rd. Birthday!

Sami’s 3rd. Birthday!

I decided to break the silence because despite all my efforts I could not get Sami´s papers done even if I have tried everything but it is impossible to do it without Sami’s father signature. It is sad because Sami’s father pretends that nothing is happening, even though he knows that he is ruining our son’s future. Sami is a bright and very intelligent child Mashallah, so I strive to give the best to him but it has not been easy at all, especially because Sami is not legal in Guatemala and we cannot return to the United States because we owe the Guatemalan government a fine that increases every day ($10 per day since 2012). On my efforts to provide the best for Sami, I decided to apply to one of the best schools in Guatemala, so Sami will have better opportunities in the future, but Sami would not be accepted if he is not legal in Guatemala. For this reason, I am requesting any kind of help to make Sulaiman Abdulaziz Saleh Alrajhi sign the papers that the Guatemalan government requires for Sami to become legal. Believe me it is not easy to re-open the scar again, especially when I have learned how to live with it La hawla wala quwata illah billah.

On December 2013, I traveled to the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. I spent more than 24 hours in Atlanta waiting to travel to my final destination. I arrived around 1:30 p.m. to Washington and took a cab to the hostel where I was going to meet the friend who joined me during this nightmare. However, her flight was late so I had to take a quick shower and went to the Saudi Embassy by myself where I supposedly had a meeting with the consul. When I got there around 2:30 p.m. I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, so I asked the receptionist (a men at the front desk) if I could see the consul and he let me in around 10 minutes later. I sat in the waiting area where people were coming in and out very fast but I had to wait until almost 4:30 p.m. when finally a man asked me what did I need. I asked to see the consul but they let me in to the Saudi Citizens department where I “spoke” with Mr. Hamad Al-Rasheed and a woman who was at the same office. Mr. Al-Rasheed asked the woman to asked me what I want, so the woman began to asked question that I answered and showed her all the paperwork that states that Sami is Sulaiman’s first and unique son. But while I was talking I just heard Mr. Al-Rasheed screaming something in Arabic and the woman answering him and the phone at the same time, so I believe that they didn’t care much about my situation. After 20 minutes Mr. Al-Rasheed told the woman to asked me to write a letter with everything that happened and come back the next day. When I went out of that office I felt mistreated and ended crying because I never thought that they were going to treat me like that. When I went out the receptionist asked me what happened and why I was crying, I saw in his eyes a lot of sympathy and he said “please, don’t worry Inshallah everything will be better tomorrow, you and other women don’t deserve what these men are doing.” So, I went back to the hotel where my friend was waiting for me, she expected to receive good news but what she got was a very frustrated friend. After dinner we decided to write the letter to the Saudi Embassy explaining the situation and what I am asking for (help to get Sulaiman’s signature on Sami’s papers to get his freedom). We worked on the letter until 3 a.m. and woke up very early to get to the Saudi Embassy at 8:00 a.m. but we couldn’t go because there were a snow alert and the Embassy was close even if there were no snow in Washington. We waited until the next day to finally get there, which was the most terrible experience I had during my trip. When we got there the receptionist was very kind, he wished me luck, bless my son and I, and said that he would be praying for justice. We had to wait around 30 minutes to finally meet the consul, which was very nice to us. He listened carefully and checked the papers that I brought that prove that Sulaiman is Sami’s father and that I really need his signature to get his freedom back. So later on, he walked us to the lawyers’ office but we understood that none of them wanted to help us because they were talking in Arabic and screaming, until Mr. Adnan Zaidan let us in to his office. I had to repeat once again the story and tell him that Mr. Hamad Al-Rasheed asked me to write a letter with all the information, so he asked my friend and I to follow him to meet Mr. Al-Rasheed once again. Mr. Al-Rasheed was walking to his office and when Mr. Zaidan talked to him about my situation he become very angry and began to scream a lot in Arabic to him and the consul remained quiet. The only thing I was able to understand was “Guatemala, right?” and he kept screaming. The consul was looking at me with empathy but he said nothing. Finally, Mr. Zaidan asked me to left the papers and the letter I wrote to be sent to Riyadh and they will let me know what happen. However, until this day (2015) I have not received any news from them and any time I have called they refuse to give me information or they make me wait until I get tired and end up hanging up the phone. When I went out of that office I was not able to see anyone, I was crying desperately and the only thing I wanted to do was running to the exit and breath because I felt destroyed, mistreated, and very frustrated. My friend didn’t know what to do, she said that everything will be alright, that we would find a way to get Sami’s papers and she began to asked Saudi people that were entering the Embassy for help but they just laughed, ignore her, or tell her that they were sorry while I was lying on the sidewalk crying inconsolably. Believe me the only thing I wanted was to hug my son but he was in Guatemala with my father and I still had to wait few days to see him again.

At the Saudi Embassy

At the Saudi Embassy

The day I went to Saudi Embassy to drop off the letter they asked for.

The day I went to Saudi Embassy to drop off the letter they asked for.

A good Saudi connected me to AWASSER – Back to the Roots Foundation. I was also in touch with Awasser though Mr. Osama Alghunaim. I sent an e-mail asking him to help Sami and he replied that he edited to send it to Dr. Tawfiq Al-Swailem but even if I wrote to him many times to see what happened he never replied.

E-mail 1

E-mail 1 to Awaseer

E-mail 2

E-mail 2 to Awaseer

E-mail 3

E-mail 3 to Awaseer

E-mail 4

E-mail 4 to Awaseer

E-mail 5

E-mail 5 to Awaseer

Failed to contact the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Failed to contact the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

So after my failed attempts to seek help from Sulaiman’s father through the Mosque in Guatemala, went to the Saudi Embassy, and contacted Awasser to get Sami’s freedom I decided to write myself to Mr. Abdulaziz Saleh Abdullah Alrajhi hoping that he might be of help to get Sami’s papers done because I truly believe that he is a good person and Muslim. I wrote a message and sent some pictures of Sami, which he only replied “Salooomi.” After two days I got a call from Saudi Arabia, I was so nervous and I didn’t know who was it. To be honest I thought it was Sulaiman to complain about the message I sent to his father but it wasn’t him even if the voice was very similar. Actually the man said “Are you Sami’s mother?” so I began to laughed because I thought it was him, so I said “Saloom, you know who I am.” He said: “I am not Sulaiman but I am very close to him, his father asked me to contact you. Right now I don’t have time because I am in a coffee shop but I will contact you later.” The conversation was short and the first call got hanged up, so he called me again. After we finished the conversation my heartbeats were so strong and suddenly I began to cried because I remembered everything that has happened in few minutes (the good and the bad times just by hearing Sulaiman’s voice in someone else). To be honest, I thought that it was a bad joke but the next day the same man (Bader, Sulaiman’s oldest brother even if he said that he was his cousin and then Mr. Abdulaziz employee) called me to asked many questions about my relationship with Sulaiman and about Sami. While days passed by he asked me to see Sami though video chat, which I accepted and I also saw him (he was very alike to Sulaiman) but he didn’t see me. He said that Sami looks like Sulaiman and that he is his son. Actually, he was the second person from his family who has seen Sami though video chat and agreed that Sami is like a photocopy of his father.

We kept talking for some weeks until he said that Mr. Abdulaziz believes that Sami is his grandson but he wants to make sure though a DNA test. So he asked me to send sample of Sami DNA to begin the procedure to complete the papers that Sami needs to get his freedom. He began his research about how to do a DNA test while I was preparing everything in Guatemala. I told him that the DNA test was so expensive and I didn’t have the money to spend on it because being a single mother was so tough and I need to support Sami by myself. He said that they won’t pay for that and that if Sami was really his grandson he will make it up to Sami when the time comes. So I spent more than $300 for the DNA swab sample and on FedEx to send it to them. I went to “BIOLAB” to do the DNA on June 26th, 2014 and sent it to Mr. Abdulaziz the same date. On July 3rd, 2014 they went to picked up the sample and that day was one of the last days I spoke with Bader, who said that they need to go to UAE or Egypt to do the DNA test because in KSA is not allow to do it without the kid being present and that also is illegal to do it without the government permission. After that I tried to contact Bader but he refused my calls and even if he saw my messages he didn’t reply and if he did he would said that they were very busy because it was Ramadan or that Mr. Abdulaziz was not in town. Actually, I sent the sample of DNA for Ramadan because I thought that they would fear Allah and would do better on the Holy Month but apparently they didn’t care. Until this day I am still waiting for a response but they haven’t contact me even if Bader promise that he wouldn’t disappear until Sami has his papers done.

DNA Sample and FedEx tracking number

DNA Sample and FedEx tracking number

FedEx Delivered the DNA Sample

FedEx Delivered the DNA Sample

After everything I have done to try to get Sami’s freedom back, I have also learned many things and I don’t regret nothing because at least I will be able to tell my son that I tried my best to solve his situation. I have been teaching my son to respect and pray for his father and his family because I know that one day he will be able to forgive what they did to him even without getting to know him Allahu A’lam. I know that I am not the only one in this situation and that there are many women out there that don’t know what to do but my advice will be to pray for the fathers of their children because all of them will need to face Allah on the Day of Judgment and will need to answer why they mistreated their children. I know that is not easy to forget neither forgives but at the end they gave us the best in our lives, our kids. I have to confess that sometimes I’m still sending e-mails to Sulaiman to let him know about Sami, I am not sure if he read it or just ignore it but at the end I want to let him know that I don’t hate him, that the doors are open if he wants to talk to Sami or be part of his life, and also if he wants to see pictures of Sami as he is growing up. I want him to know that I already forgive him for the pain he caused even if I will never forget want he did to us.

Three years ago the love of my life came to change my whole world. Shukran Abu Sami!

Three years ago the love of my life came to change my whole world. Shukran Abu Sami!

Sulaiman I know that somehow you will read this, so please let me THANK YOU! Maybe you won’t understand why I am so thankful to you after you destroyed my heart but believe me I loved you more that everything. However, let me thank you for letting me give enough love to our son as if you were here. Thank you for giving him those dark eyes that I love to see every day. Thank you for giving me a great story to tell him when it’s time to talk about love. Believe me Sulaiman, I cannot imagine not having Sami in my life because he has taught me the real meaning of love. Please be assured, that I will always be thankful because without you I wouldn’t know what it would be to have the love of my life by my side eacha nd every day for the rest of my life inshallah. Thank you B6h for giving me the gift of love, our son.

Allah ybarek feekom.

E-mail: mandrechang.sami@gmail.com

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .

أكمل ابني سامي ٣ سنوات في الـ٣٠ من شهر يناير ٢٠١٥ وقد حدثت أشياء كثيرة منذ تخلي ولده عنا، في تدوينتي السابقة كان هناك القليل من قصتنا وكل ما عانيناه خلال هذه السنوات ، خصوصًا ما نعانيه من جهد في إرجاع حرية طفلي سامي وأوراقه الثبوتية ليصبح مقيمًا شرعيًا في ( غواتيمالا ) ، لقد قررت أن آخذ وقتًا مستقطعًا من الهدوء لكي يستطيع قلبي أن يتعافى ، صدقوني لقد كنت مغرقة بالهموم ومتعبة جدًا ، ومليئة بالإحباط لكوني أريد الأفضل لطفلي ( سامي ).

ولكني أخيرًا قررت أن أكسر حاجز الصمت لأنه بالرغم من كل جهودي لم أستطع الحصول على الأوراق الثبوتية لـ(سامي) رغم محاولاتي اللانهائية ، ولكنها تعتبر من المستحيلات بدون أن يقوم والد ( سامي ) بالتوقيع ، المحزن في الأمر ليس فقط عدم شرعية إقامة سامي ولكن والده يتظاهر أنه لا شيء يحدث رغم معرفته التامة بأنه بذلك يدمر مستقبل ابنه .
سامي طفل ذكي وموهوب جدا – ماشاء الله – وهذا ما يدفعني لبذل الأفضل له رغم أنه في وضعي الحالي ليس بالأمر السهل إطلاقًا، خاصة أن سامي ليس مقيمًا شرعيًا في (غواتيمالا ) ولا نستطيع العودة للولايات المتحدة الأمريكية لكوننا مدينين للحكومة الغواتمالية غرامة تتضاعف يوميًا ( ١٠ دولارات يوميًا من عام ٢٠١٢ أي ما يقارب ٣٧ ريال يوميًا)، ولمحاولتي تقديم الأفضل لابني سامي قررت أدخاله واحدة من آفضل المدارس في ( غواتيمالا ) ليكون لسامي فرصة لمستقبل آفضل ، ولكن ذلك للأسف لن يكون ممكنًا لكونه مقيم غير قانوني ، لهذا السبب فأني أطالب أي طريقة للمساعدة لجعل ( سليمان بن عبدالعزيز بن صالح الراجحي ) يوقع الأوراق المطلوبة للحكومة الغواتمالية لجعل إقامة ابني سامي شرعية ، صدقوني أنه ليس من السهل إعادة فتح الجراح خصوصًا عندما تعلمت كيف أعيش بـ ( لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله ).

في ديسمبر ٢٠١٣ سافرت إلى السفارة السعودية في واشنطن العاصمة وقضيت أكثر من ٢٤ ساعة في أطلانطا أنتظر زحلة لوجهتي الأخيرة ، إلى أن وصلت لواشنطن حوالي الساعة ١:٣٠ ظهرًا أخذت سيارة الأجرة للوصول إلى الفندق الذي كنت سألتقي فيه صديقةً أنضمت إلي لمحاربة هذا الكابوس المزعج لمساعدتي – جزاها الله خيرًا – ، كانت رحلتها متأخرة فأخذت دشًا سريعًا وسبقتها للسفارة السعودية لوحدي حيث كان من المفترض أن نلتقي القنصل السعودي ، وصلت للسفارة حوالي الساعة ٢:٣٠ بعد الظهر وقد كنت متوترة جدًا لكوني لم أكن أعلم مالذي سأواجهه ، سألت ( الاستقبال – الرجل الذي يجلس في المكتب الأمامي ) إذا كان بإمكاني مقابلة القنصل فأخبرني أن أنتظر ١٠ دقائق تقريبًا ، وتركني جالسة في منطقة الانتظار بينما الناس يدخلون ويخرجون بسرعة ، لكني انتظرت إلى مايقارب الساعة ٤:٣٠ بعد العصر ، وأخيرًا سألني رجل عن ماذا أريد ، طلبت منه مرة أخرى مقابلة القنصل لكنهم أدخلوني لقسم المواطنين السعوديين حيث تحدثت للسيد ( حمد الرشيد ) وكان هناك امرأة في نفس المكتب والتي طلب منها الاستاذ حمد سؤالي عن مالذي أريده ، بدأت المرأة في طرح الأسئلة والتي أجبت عليها وأريتها الوثائق والأوراق التي تثبت أن سامي هو الابن الأول والوحيد لسليمان ، ولكن في أثناء حديثي سمعت الأستاذ حمد الرشيد يصرخ عليها شيئًا باللغة العربية ثم تجيبه المرأة ويقوم بالرد على الهاتف دون أية مراعاة لحديثي ، مما أعطاني يقينًا أنهم لم يهتموا لوضعي إطلاقًا ، بعد ذلك بـ ٢٠ دقيقة تقريبًا طلب السيد الرشيد من المرأة الطلب مني أن أكتب رسالة تتضمن جميع ما حدث والعودة في اليوم المقبل ، عندما خرجت من المكتب شعرت بالإحباط والظلم والذي انتهى بانفجاري باكية لكوني لم أعتقد أبدًا أنه ستتم معاملتي بهذا الشكل ، وفي الطريق لخروجي خارج السفارة أوقفني موظف الاستقبال وسألني مالذي حدث ولم أبكي ؟ ، رأيت في عينيه الكثير من التعاطف وقال لي :” من فضلك لا تقلقي ، غدًا سيصبح كل شيء أفضل – إن شاء الله – ، أنت والكثير من النساء غيرك لا تستحقون ما يفعله بكم هؤلاء الرجال “ ، وهكذا عدت للفندق حيث كانت صديقتي تنتظرني ، كانت تتوقع أن تحضى مني بأخبار جيدة ولكنها حصلت على صديقة محبطة لا غير.

بعد العشاء قررنا كتابة رسالة للسفارة السعودية نشرح فيها الوضع كاملًا ومالذي أطلبه بالضبط منهم ( وهو إحضار توقيع سليمان لأوراق سامي للحصول على حريته في الإقامة ) اشتغلنا على الأوراق حتى الساعة ٣ فجرًا ، واستيقظنا مبكرين أيضًا للذهاب إلى السفارة من الساعة ٨ صباحًا ولكننا للأسف لم نستطع الذهاب لوجود تنبيه بعاصفة ثلجية وإغلاق السفارة رغم عدم نزول الثلج في واشنطن ، فانتظرنا إلى اليوم التالي حيث ذهبنا إلى هناك – والتي كانت أسوء تجربة لي في رحلتي – عند وصولنا إلى هناك كان موظف الاستقبال لطيفًا جدًا معنا تمنى لنا التوفيق ودعى الله أن يحفظ لي ابني وقال أنه سيدعوا لي بأن ينصفني الله ممن ظلمني ، انتظرنا ما يقارب النصف ساعة إلى أن سمح لنا أخيرًا بمقابلة القنصل والذي كان لطيفًا جدًا معنا ، استمع إلينا بإنصات وتفقد الأوراق التي أحضرتها والتي تثبت أن سليمان هو والد سامي ، وأيضًا حاجتي الماسة لتوقيع سليمان لينال سامي حريته ، بعد ذلك قام بأخذنا إلى مكتب المحامين القانونين ، لكننا لم نفهم شيئا مما يريدون لكونهم يتكلمون بالعربية وبأصوات تشبه الصراخ ، إلى أن قام السيد ( عدنان زيدان ) بإدخالنا إلى مكتبه أعدت القصة الكاملة له مرة أخرى وأخبرته أن السيد ( حمد الرشيد ) طلب كتابة رسالة فيها جميع المعلومات ، لذا فقد قام بالطلب مني أنا وصديقتي باللحاق به لمكتب السيد حمد الرشيد مرة أخرى ، حيث واجهنا الأستاذ حمد عائدا إلى مكتبه وحين تحدث معه الأستاذ عدنان عن حالتي أصبح غاضبًا جدًا وبدأ يصرخ عليه باللغة العربية ولكن القنصل بقي هادئًا جدا ، كانت الجملة الوحيدة التي كنت قادرة على فهمها هي ( غواتيمالا ، صح ؟؟ ) ، أثناء صراخه كان القنصل ينظر إلي بتعاطف لكنه لم يقل شيئا ، وأخيراً طلب مني السيد عدنان زيدان ترك الأوراق والرسالة التي كتبتها ليقوم بإرسالها إلى الرياض ، وأنهم سيقومون بإطلاعي على المستجدات لاحقًا .

لكن حتى هذا اليوم من عام ٢٠١٥ لم يصلني أي خبر منهم ، وحين محاولتي الاتصال بهم فإنهم يرفضون إعطائي أي معلومات أو يطلبون مني الانتظار إلى أن أتعب وأقوم بإغلاق الخط ، عندما خرجت من المكتب لم أكن قادرة على رؤية أي شخص كنت أبكي بشدة ، والشيء الوحيد الذي كنت أشعر به هو الخروج من هذه الدوامة والتنفس بعمق ، شعرت بالإحباط الشديد والإهانة والظلم ، صديقتي لم تعرف كيف تتصرف أخبرتني أن كل شيء سيكون على مايرام وأننا سوف نجد طريقة لنكمل أوراق سامي ، حتى أنها بدأت في الطلب من الأشخاص السعوديين الذين يدخلون السفارة للمساعدة ، لكن بعضهم قام بالضحك ومنهم من تجاهلها وبعضهم أخبرها أنهم آسفين ، بينما جالسة على الرصيف أبكي بطريقة هستيرية ، صدقوني الشيء الوحيد الذي كنت أتمناه في هذه اللحظة اليائسة هو عناق ابني ولكنه كان مع والدي في غواتيمالا بينما كنت لازلت مضطرة للانتظار بضعة أيام للقائه.
أصدقاء سعوديون طيبون أوصلوني بـ ( أواصر ) مرة أخرى – مؤسسة متخصصة للأسر والأبناء السعوديين المنقطعين بالخارج – وقد كنت في اتصال معها من خلال السيد ( أسامة الغنيم ) ، أرسلت إيميلًا لسؤاله لمساعدة سامي وأجابني بأنه عدلها لأرسالها للدكتور توفيق السويلم ، ولكنه بالرغم من كتابتي له عدة مرات لمعرفة ماذا حدث فإنه لم يقم بالرد .

حتى بعد محاولاتي الفاشلة في البحث عن المساعدة من والد سليمان من خلال المسج في غواتيمالا ، وذهابي للسفارة السعودية ، واتصالي بـ (أواصر ) للحصول على حرية سامي ، قررت أن أكتب بنفسي للسيد ( عبدالعزيز بن صالح بن عبدالله الراجحي ) آملة أن يكون عونًا للحصول على أوراق سامي النهائية ، وذلك لكوني أؤمن حقًا بأنه أنسان صالح ، كتبت رسالة له وأرفقت معها العديد من الصور لسامي ، والتي رد عليها بـ ( سلووومي ) فقط لا غير ، بعد يومين جائني اتصال من المملكة العربية السعودية ، كنت متوترة جدًا ولم أكن أعرف من المتصل ، في الحقيقة كنت أظنه سيكون سليمان يشتكي من إرسالي للرسالة إلى والده ، لكنه لم يكن هو رغم تشابه الصوت، قال لي الرجل : “ هل أنتِ أم سامي ؟ “ بدأت بالضحك لأني ظننت أنه هو سليمان ، فأجبته : “ سلووم ، أنت تعلم من أنا “ فقال لي : “ أنا لست سليمان لكني شخص قريب منه جدًا ، والده طلب مني الاتصال بك ، حاليًا أنا مشغول لكوني في مقهى ولكني سوف أتصل بك لاحقًا “ المحادثة كانت قصيرة جدًا وقطع المكالمة الأولى بسرعة ، ولكنه عاد للاتصال مرة أخرى ، بعد أن أنهينا محادثتنا ، قلبي كان ينبض بشدة وللأسف بدأت بالبكاء لأنني تذكرت كل شيء حصل لي في بضع دقائق – الأوقات الجيدة والسيئة فقط بسماع صوت سليمان بواسطة شخص آخر – ، في الحقيقة ظننت أنها مجرد مزحة سيئة ولكن في اليوم التالي اتصل بي نفس الشخص ( بدر – الأخ الأكبر لسليمان حتى وإن قال بداية أنه ابن عمه أو كما قال بعدها أنه موظف عند والده السيد عبد العزيز ) كلمني وسألني عدة أسئلة عن علاقتي بسليمان وعن سامي، خلال أيام طلب مني أن يرى سامي بواسطة محادثة فيديو فوافقت ورأيته أيضًا ( كان شديد الشبه بسليمان ) لكنه لم يرني ، أخبرني أن سامي يشبه سليمان وأنه ابنه ، في الحقيقة لقد كان ثاني شخص من عائلته من رأى سامي من خلال محادثة فيديو واتفق أن سامي هو نسخة مصورة من أبيه .
بقينا على اتصال لعدة أسابيع إلى أن أخبرني أن السيد عبدالعزيز يؤمن أن سامي هو حفيده ولكنه يريد التأكد من خلال أختبار الحمض النووي (DNA ) ، لذا فقد طلب مني إرسال عينة للحمض النووي ( DNA ) الخاص بسامي لبدء إجراءات إكمال الأوراق التي يحتاجها سامي ليحصل على حريته ، وبدأ ببحثه عن كيفية اختبار الحمض النووي بينما أقوم بتجهيز كل شيء في غواتيمالا، أخبرته أن اختبار الحمض النووي يعتبر باهض الثمن وأنا لا أستطيع تحمل تكاليفه لكوني أمًا وحيدة وهو أمر صعب وأني محتاجة لدعم سامي لوحدي ، فأخبرني أنه لن يقوم بالدفع للاختبار وأنه إن كان سامي هو حفيده حقيقةً فإنه سيقوم بتعويضه عندما يحين الوقت، لذا فإني أنفقت أكثر من ٣٠٠ دولار ( أي ما يقارب ١١٢٥ ريال ) لمسحة عينة الحمض النووي ولـ FEDEX للشحن الدولي لإرسالها لهم ، حيث ذهبت للمعمل البيولوجي “BIOLAB” للقيام بفحص الحمض النووي في الـ٢٦ من يونيو ٢٠١٤ وأرسل للسيد عبدالعزيز في نفس اليوم ، وفي يوم الـ٣ من يوليو ٢٠١٤ ذهبوا لأخذ العينة وكانت هذه هي آخر الأيام التي تحدثت فيها مع ( بدر ) ، الذي قال لي أنهم بحاجة للذهاب إلى الإمارات أو مصر للقيام باختبار الحمض النووي لأنه من غير المسموح القيام به في المملكة العربية السعودية من دون حضور الطفل شخصيًا وأن هذا في حد ذاته غير قانوني للقيام به بغير تصريح حكومي.
بعد ذلك حاولت الاتصال مع ( بدر ) لكنه قام برفض الرد على الاتصالات وحتى مع رؤيته لرسائلي لكنه لم يقم بالرد عليها ، وإذا قام بالرد وهو أمر نادر الحدوث فأنه يتعلل بكونهم منشغلين جدًا لكونه شهر رمضان أو أن السيد عبدالعزيز ليس في المدينة حاليًا، في الحقيقة لقد قمت بإرسال عينة الحمض النووي في شهر رمضان لأنني اعتقدت أنهم سوف يخافون الله ويبذلون أقصى مايمكنهم في هذا الشهر الفضيل ، ولكن اتضح لي أنهم لم يهتمو، إلى هذا اليوم وأنا أنتظر استجابة لكنهم لم يقوموا بالاتصال بي رغم وعود ( بدر ) أنه لن يختفي حتى يكمل سامي جميع أوراقه.
بعد جميع مافعلته لمحاولة إعادة حرية ابني سامي، علمني هذا الكثير من الدروس ولم أندم على شيء لأنني على الأقل استطيع اخبار ابني أني فعلت أفضل ما يمكنني فعله لحل مشكلته، لقد علمت ابني كيف يحترم أباه ويدعو له ولعائلته لأني أعلم أنه سيكون يومًا ما قادرًا على التسامح ومغفرة مافعلوه به حتى من دون أن يعرفوه حق المعرفة والله أعلم ، أنا أعرف أني لست الوحيدة التي تمر بنفس المشكلة وأن هناك الكثير من النساء اللاتي لا يعرفن ماذا يفعلن ولكن نصيحتي لهن هو الدعاء لأب أولادهن لأن الجميع سوف يقابل الله -عز وجل- في يوم الحساب وسيحتاجون الإجابة أمامه عن سبب ظلمهم لأطفالهم، أعرف حقًا أنه ليس بالأمر السهل النسيان فكيف بالغفران لكنهم في النهاية أعطونا أفضل شيء نعيشه في حياتنا كلها ، أطفالنا .
أعترف أني أحيانًا لا أزال أرسل الإيميلات لسليمان لأجعله يعرف أخبار سامي ، ولست متأكدة أذا كان يقرأها أو يتجاهلها ولكني في النهاية أريده أن يعرف أني لا أكرهه ، أن الباب مفتوح دومًا له إن أراد التحدث مع سامي أو أن يكون جزءًا من حياته ، وأيضًا إن كان يريد أن يرى صورًا لسامي في مختلف مراحل حياته، أريده أن يعرف أني أغفر له جميع الآلام التي تسبب بها وإن كنت لن أنسى أبدًا مافعله بنا .
( سليمان ) أعرف أنك سوف تقرأ هذا بطريقة أو بأخرى، لذا أرجوك أسمح لي أن أقول لك : شكرًا جزيلًا ! أعتقد أنك لن تفهم أبدًا سبب امتناني لك بعد أن حطمت قلبي لكن صدقني لقد أحببتك .. أكثر من أي شيء .
مع ذلك أسمح لي أن أشكرك لجعلي أعطي الحب الكافي لابننا كما لو كنت هنا، شكرا لإعطاءه هاتين العينين السوداويين والتي أحب أن أراها كل يوم ، شكرًا لك لأعطائي قصة رائعة لأخبره بها حينما يكون الوقت مناسبًا للحديث عن الحب، صدقني سليمان لا أستطيع تخيل حياتي بدون وجود سامي فيها ، لأنه علمني المعنى الحقيقي للحب ، كن مطمئنًا أنني سوف أكون ممتنة دومًا لأنه لولاك لن أكون قادرة على معرفة ما الذي يعنيه وجود حب حياتي بجانبي دائماً ، كل ثانية ، كل يوم ، لباقي حياتي – إن شاء الله -.

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2013 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

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What Happens When….


This subject has been in my mind lately, not only solely based on my own situation but that of those Saudi kids out there (and non-Saudi ones alike) that were deserted, things and situations which we all at some point or the next have been forced to endure.

Growing up abandoned, unwanted, sad, angry. Left alone in an unforgiving world to fend for ourselves. Ask many of these kids alike and our stories are all the same. Some of these other kids I grew up around would later go on to battle addiction with drugs, alcohol, bouts of severe depression, and homelessness along with other extreme habits and conditions, such as repeated run-ins with the law; issues which very commonly arise as the end-result when one has been left behind by the one person they might have needed the most.

Some of these kids I knew not only were left in very dire circumstances like me and my mom were, but were also left with a parent that was unfit to raise their child, by themselves or let alone, AT ALL. These children were subjected to various forms of abuse by the single parent adults left to care for them, as well as the parent’s dysfunctional associations. These same kids would eventually later on grow up with severe behavioral problems, along with many other unfortunate characteristics.

With no concrete set of values, beliefs, affection…or much of ANYTHING positive instilled in them during those early years when its most crucial to the formation of the child many kids that fit our category are left as sitting targets.

In my case my mother was very young when she had me and, thankfully, ruled with an iron will. She gave me the belief of God early on, but this didn’t mean it made our situation any easier. The damage had been done..first to her then to me. Because she was a mere teenager when she had me and had come from a background of cultural struggles herself, she was still attempting to find her own way. Now as a single parent things for her were tough, to say the least. Most of her problems became my problems..her stresses my stresses. During those crucial early years of formation I was afraid and stressed. Left alone with fear of even my own shadow, living day to day in a constant state of panic.

Stress that big at 4 years old is extreme. Worried about where we are going to live at 4 years old is extreme. How our rent is going to get paid or where my next meal is going to come from at 4 years old is extreme. What kid should be thinking about these matters at that age?? These extremes can and often do lead to later ones…extreme behavior. Destructive patterns during teen years and beyond, which was the case in my own life. To mask the pain and anger one begins to experiment with various forms of intoxicants to self medicate and this is where things can become really dangerous.

Today, with adulthood and belief and faith in Allah, I continue to climb and combat the negatives and said extremes but the long lasting effects of the damage done from then til now can be very difficult to shake free of.

But, again, what happens when the child has been left with NOTHING to believe in. Never taught, never acknowledged, never cared for. No chance at self esteem or peace….

What becomes of them now and later on down the road?


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Bismillah Alrahman Alrahim,


It has been a long time of silence and focusing to get my son’s freedom back. However, all my efforts had been worthless but Inshallah one day Sami and I will be able to move completely forward. Since the day I decided to post Sami’s story I have received so many supportive message and much more offering to help, but at the end all ended the same way. First of all, people message me to tell me how sorry they feel about Sami situation and to say that what Sulaiman did to me is not right. Then people offers me their help, so they keep messaging me to ask details, contact information, and other information that may be helpful for them to find Sulaiman or his family. But then suddenly they disappear and I don’t know anything about them again.  Am not blaming this people in any way or doubting about their intent to help me to get Sami’s freedom back. I have no doubt that some day Allah will give Sami’s right’s back Inshallah and know that I am not alone fighting this battle.



Sami’s life has not change much. He is going to a day care every day; he is learning so many things. He is a smart and adventurous boy Mashallah. Also he is enjoying so much to be around my family because they love him very much and I cannot complain Hamdulillah because they are spoiling him. But not all is happiness; Sami is still illegal in my own native country. I have tried to register him in the ministry of foreign affairs 8 times so far, and they had refused to register Sami in my country without his dad permission and signature in all the documents required


However, I am not giving up yet even if it seems that all the doors are closing to find a way. I cannot lie, sometimes I got very tired to be trying and paying the expensive fee per day for having illegal in my own country. Sometimes I had cried because of that because I got so frustrated, and I had even curse the day that I allowed Sulaiman to signed Sami’s papers, sometimes I had think that if I refused his petition Sami wouldn’t need to pass for all this things that might mess up his life. The Guatemalan laws are very clear and states the following “U.S. citizens do not need a visa for a stay of 90 days or less. That period can be extended for an additional 90 days upon application to Guatemalan immigration. (If the initial period of stay granted upon entry is less than 90 days, any extension would be granted only for the same number of days as the initial authorization.) There is a daily fine for each day that a traveller overstays his/her permission to be in Guatemala, which must be paid directly to the Guatemalan Immigration Agency.” This law means that if Sami is still illegal when he has enough age to attend to the regular school he won’t be able since there is not rights for any illegal person in here, sore as in US or any other country. Do all of you think that this is good for my son? Sulaiman really has the right to mess up his son’s life just for being coward and denied his mistakes?  What I will do when the time of registering him in elementary school comes if he is still being illegal? I have so many questions spinning my mind.


People who think I’m behind Alrajhi family money have judged me harshly, but no, I don’t need their money Hamdullillah, but if they would like to cooperate in Sami’s future education it would be more than welcome. Is not that am leaving in luxury but God has never left us alone and has provided me with a lot of work that allows me to cover Sami’s basic needs. And I’m sure that Allah will never abandon us and will provide us whatever we need. As I said before, if Sulaiman or any member of his family wants to come to Sami’s life they will be more than welcome, I haven’t change my mind about it because I know that eventually Sami will ask about them. However, I am still praying for them to have pity in their hearts because even if they know about Sami’s existence they have been denying everything related to Sami. May be you are asking yourself, how this girl knows that they knows about Sami? Well, I know because the Imam of the Masjid called Sulaiman father several times and he has refused to help me to get Sami’s custody. Also Awasser got contact by the same person, they did answer and asked for Sami’s documents but then somehow they refused to help, saying, “Mr. Abdulaziz Saleh Abdullah Alrajhi (Sulaiman’s father) is not willing to cooperate by giving Sulaiman’s phone number. I also contacted the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs twice but they never got back to me. I had tried to contact every single entity in Saudi Arabia but they just ignored me. I think that they are not realizing the damage they can cause to Sami emotionally, psychological, and in his life by doing this to him, they are not punishing me, they are punishing an innocent child who has not fault at all. What is seems not to be clear is that Sami is that Sami is LEGALLY RECOGNIZED by Sulaiman Abdulaziz Saleh Alrajhi in the United States of America, so Sulaiman does has rights and responsibilities toward his own and first son. The only thing am asking for is to get Sulaiman back to the US to fight peacefully the custody of my son and then he can be free to do his life whatever he pleases. In any sense I want him back to be with me, I already learn that he is just the biological father of my son and that he is really a bad person. I do know that he will have to deal with his conscience and no doubt that he will have to give accounts of his behave to Allah in this life and in the Day of Judgment.


So, I am kindly asking with a humble heart a favor, is any of the readers know this family or Sulaiman please tell me, I do need to move forward with Sami and I want the only thing a mother wants for her child, I WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY, TO GET A GOOD LIFE, AND BE SUCESSFUL Inshallah but in order to fulfill that Sami NEEDS HIS FREEDOM BACK, PLEASE HELP US! If anyone have information please write me to mandrechang.sami@gmail.com


Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 3.52.56 PM

لقد مر وقت طويل من الصمت مع التركيز على اعادة الحرية لحياة ابني. ومع ذلك كل جهودي كانت بدون فائدة وسيأتي اليوم الذي أكون فيه قادرة بالمضي قدماً مع ابني. لقد تلقيت الكثير من رسائل الدعم كما تلقيت الكثير من رسائل المساعدة منذ اليوم الذي قررت فيه طرح قصة سامي. ولكن في النهاية جميعها انتهت بنفس الطريقة. أولاً, كثير ممن راسلوني ليخبروني بشعورهم عن مدى أسفهم حول وضع سامي وليقولوا أيضاً أن مافعله سليمان لي كان سيىء. ثم عرضوا علي مساعدتهم, وظلو يراسلوني بالسؤال عن التفاصيل, معلومات الاتصال, وغيرها من المعلومات التي قد تساعدهم في العثور على سليمان أو أحد من عائلته. وبعد ذلك اختفوا فجأة ولا أعرف عنهم شيئا. أنا لا ألوم أياً من هؤلاء بأي شكل من الأشكال أو التشكيك بنيتهم في مساعدتي باعادة حرية ابني. ولا يوجد لدي أدنى شك بأن الله سبحانه وتعالى سيعطي سامي حريته ان شاء الله وللعلم فاني لست وحدي في هذه المعركة.
لم تتغير حياة سامي كثيراً, بدأ يذهب الى الحضانة كل يوم, بدأ يتعلم أشياء كثيرة, وهو ما شاء الله ذكي ومغامر. كما أنه يستمتع كثيراً بوجوده حول عائلتي لأنهم يحبونه كثيراً ويدلـلونه والحمد لله. ولكن ليست كل حياته مليئة بالسعادة; سامي لا يزال غير قانوني في بلدي الأم. لقد حاولت أن أسجله في وزارة الخارجية 8 مرات الى الان, ولكنهم رفضوا تسجيله دون اذن والده وتوقيعه على جميع الأوراق المطلوبة. ومع ذلك, لن أستسلم حتى لو كان يبدو بأن جميع الأبواب مغلقة. لن أكذب, أتعبتني المحاولات ودفع الرسوم الباهظة يومياً لوجود شخص مقيم بطريقة غير شرعية في بلدي. لقد بكيت وصابني الاحباط لهذا السبب. حتى أني لعنت اليوم الذي سمحت فيه لسليمان بالتوقيع على أوراق سامي, وأحيانأ أفكر بأني اذا رفضت التماسه, فإن سامي لن يحتاج الى المرور لما قد يعرقل حياته.
قوانين حكومة غواتيمالا واضحة جداً وتنص على مايلي “مواطنوا الولايات المتحدة لا يحتاجون الى تأشيرة للاقامة لمدة 90 يوماً أو أقل. ويمكن تمديد هذه الفترة لـ 90 يوماً إضافية بناءً على طلب يتم تقديمه لادارة الهجرة. (اذا كانت المدة الأساسية من البقاء تمنح عند الدخول أقل من 90 يوما, فأن التمديد سيتم فقط لنفس عدد الأيام التي منحت عند الدخول.) وهناك غرامة يومية على المسافر الذي يتجاوز المدة المصرحة له/لها للتواجد في غواتيمالا والتي يجب أن تدفع مباشرة الى ادارة هجرة غواتيمالا.” هذا القانون يعني أنه اذا كان سامي لا يزال غير قانوني عندما يكون لديه العمر الكافي للذهاب الى المدرسة, فإنه لن يكون قادراً للذهاب لأنه لا توجد هناك حقوق لأي شخص غير قانوني, كما في الولايات المتحدة أو أي بلد آخر. هل تعتقدون أن هذا أمر جيد لابني؟ سليمان لديه الحق في أن يحول حياة ابنه الى جحيم لأنه جبان وأنكر أخطائه؟ ماذا سأفعل عندما يحين الوقت لتسجيله في المدرسة الابتدائية اذا كان لا يزال غير قانوني؟ لدي الكثير من الاسئلة تدور في ذهني.
الأشخاص الذين يعتقدون بأني أبحث عن أموال أسرة الراجحي قد حكموا علي بقسوة. لكن لا, أنا لست بحاجة الى أموالهم الحمد لله. لكن اذا كانوا يرغبون بالمشاركة في مساعدة سامي في مستقبله التعليمي, فإن هذا الأمر مرحب به كثيراً. هذا لا يعني بأني أعيش حياة الترف ولكن الله لم ينسانا أبداً, لم ينسى أي يوفر لسامي جميع احتياجاته الأساسية. وأنا متأكدة من أن الله لن يتخلى عنا أبداً وسيوفر لنا جميع مانحتاجه. كما قلت سابقاً, اذا كان سليمان أو أي من أفراد عائلته يرغبون في الدخول لحياة سامي فهذا أمر مرحب به كثيراً. لم أغير رأيي بهذا الشأن لأنني على يقين بأن سامي هو من سيسأل عنهم في النهاية. ومع ذلك فإني أدعوا لهم ليحصلو ويحسوا بالشفقة في قلوبهم, لأنه حتى مع علمهم بوجود سامي, فانهم لم ينكروا جميع مايتعلق بسامي. قد تسأل نفسك, كيف لهذه البنت تعلم بأن عائلة الراجحي على علم بوجود سامي؟ حسناً, أعلم لأن امام المسجد اتصل بوالد سليمان عدة مرات ولكن والد سليمان رفض مساعدتي في الحصول على وصاية ابني. بالاضافة الى أن نفس الشخص تواصل مع جمعية أواصر, وتجاوبوا معه كما طلبوا جميع الاوراق الخاصة بسامي ولكن بطريقة ما رفضوا مساعدتي بحجة أن السيد/ عبدالعزيز صالح عبدالله الراجحي (والد سليمان) غير مستعد بالتصريح عن هاتف ابنه سليمان. كما أني خاطبت وزارة الخارجية السعودية مرتين ولكنهم لم يردوا على خطاباتي. حاولت مخاطبة كل شخص له علاقة بالموضوع بالمملكة العربية السعودية ولكنهم تجاهلوني. أعتقد بأنهم غير مدركين الخطر الذين قد يلحقونه بحياة سامي عاطفياً ونفسياً بفعلهم هذا. هم لا يعاقبوني, بل يعاقبون طفل بريء لم يخطئ أبداً. ماقد يكون غير واضح لهم هو أن سامي معترف به قانوناً من سليمان عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية. لذا فان سليمان له حقوق ومسؤوليات تجاه ابنه الأول والوحيد. ما أريده هو إعادة سليمان الى الولايات المتحدة ليصارع بأمان بالوصاية على ابني بعد ذلك له الحرية المطلقة للتمتع بحياته بالطريقة التي تعجبه. بمعنى آخر أريده أن يعود لي. لقد تعلمت بأن سليمان هو فقط والد ابني البيولوجي وأنه شخص سيئ. أعلم بأنه سيتحتم عليه التعامل مع العواقب وبدون شك بأنه سيتوجب عليه أن يعاقب نتيجة تصرفاته من الله في الدنيا والآخرة.
لذا, فإني وبكل ود أسأل بقلب متواضع لخدمة, اذا كان أي من السادة القراء يعرف عائلة سليمان فرجاءً ليقوم بإخباري, أنا مضطرة للمضي قدماً مع سامي وبحاجة لأمر واحد فقط أي أم تكون بحاجة اليه لابنها, أريده أن يكون سعيداً, أن يحظى بحياة جميلة, وأن ينجح فيها ان شاء الله, ولكن من أجل أن تتحقق متطلبات سامي, هو بحاجة لاعادة حريته. نرجوا مساعدتكم. ان كان هناك اي شخص لديه معلومات يرجى مراسلتي على العنوان mandrechang.sami@gmail.com

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Angela’s letter to her father Abdulla Al-Carnie

My name is Angela Weeks and I am a 26 year old Arab-American from Ventura, CA. I was born in 1986, the same year my father left to go back to Saudi Arabia. I am now on a venture to find him. My dad’s name is Abdulla Al-Carnie. He lived in Camarillo, CA in the early 1980’s and left in 1986. My mother’s name is Sherry Weeks. They met while he was here and started a relationship together. My dad was very honest with my mom and told her that he had to go back to Saudi Arabia because of his military obligation. He shared with her certain consequences he would have to endure if he did not return. My mother and Abdulla tried to make an appointment with the DA in order to explore options for my father to stay in country. The day of their appointment, my mom showed up…but my dad never did. My mom thinks he was forced to return to the Kingdom without saying goodbye.
photo 1 (2)
My mother states, “After I was pregnant with you, we tried everything we could to stop him from getting taken. We had to make an appointment with the da so they would not contact his commander. However, he did not show up to the appointment;  then the da called his commander, although I tried to keep them from doing this. Since he did not show up, I went over to his apartment to look for him and he was gone. His things were gone. I asked the people at the apartment where he was and they said that some people came and took him away. The last time I heard from him was two weeks before you were born when he called and said that he loved me and wished me a happy life. I said you make it sound like I am never going to see you again and all he said was I would see him again and that he loved me.   I was now a women with a broken heart and an empty place without your dad.”
I am not sure what the exact circumstances were, but I know that my mother still to this day regards him as the kindest most honorable man she has ever met.
The only other thing I know about my dad was that he was going to school in Camarillo for Mechanical Engineering and that he was from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My mom also says he was in the Saudi Arabian Army at the time he lived in Camarillo. Now, this might mean he was actually in the service already… or that he still owed time to the Army upon his return. I am unsure.
 photo 2 (5)
Sadly, my mom is very sick and I was their only child. Soon, I will be alone. That is why I have decided to reach out and try and find my father. I hope that I have brothers and sisters out there, and I hope they are open and willing to meet me. I am not in search of apologies, he owes me none. I am not in search of money, I have my own. I just want to know what happened, to fill a void, a burning question that has been left unanswered for 26 years. What happened to him?
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Did the Saudi Embassy lie?

In November 2012 the Saudi Embassy issued a statement that they were going force DNA testing on the men who were thought to have fathered a child while studding abroad. Saying that if these men refuse testing their scholarship will be revoked and they will be sent home to face possible jail time.  This appeared to be a step in the right direction and a small victory to the women and children who have been effected.



Six months later the news is disheartening to say the least.
The embassy knows about the men named on the blog they admitted this when they sent out the statement about forcing these men to take a DNA test.  To date none of the men have been tested.
In my case I have PROOF that the embassy not only knew about the father two years ago, they helped hide him so I couldn’t take him to court. I was lied to over and over by the embassy saying the father returned home for good therefore DNA testing would not be possible.  Imaging my surprise when Sultan Abdullah Asiri showed up on May 4 2013 to graduate.
I am angry that the embassy lied to me and helped Sultan get away with abandoning his child. Thank you for proving to the world exactly why this blog is needed.


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UPDATE FEBRUARY, 2013 SULAIMAN ABDULAZIZ S. ALRAJHI تحديث عن سليمان عبدالعزيز الراجحي

My son’s name is Sami bin Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Alrajhi, whose father is Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh bin Abdullah Alrajhi. For over a year, I have been fighting to the ghost of Sami’s father and his bunch of lies, which have been causing a bad reputation over my son’s roots and myself.

اسم ابني سامي بن سليمان بن عبدالعزيز الراجحي واسم والده هو سليمان بن عبدالعزيز بن صالح بن عبدالله الراجحي. لأكثر من سنه وانا اتنازع من شبح والد سامي وأكاذيبه الكثيره مما ترتب عليه سمعة سْية ليس فقط لنفسي ولكن حتى لابني سامي.

First of all, I want to clarify something so important which is I AM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY, Alrajhi’s Famliy name is well known in Saudi Arabia because they are one of the richest families inside Saudi Arabia.

أولا وقبل كل شي, أرغب بأن أوضح أمرا مهم أنا لا أريد أي مبلغ مالي من عائله الراجحي. عائله الراجحي عائله معروفه جدا في المملكة العربية السعودية لانهم من أحد العائلات الغنيه.

My intention to publish all this information have never been and will never be the liar witch who just wants Alrajhi’s money, the one that Sulaiman created to protect himself to be punished for being a liar. The only thing I am asking for is to get my son’s freedom which have been taken away for his father selfish mind and behave, and whose Saudi’s agencies (AWASEER, MOFA, SACM, SAUDI EMBASSY, and SAUDI SOCIETY OF HUMAN RIGHTS) are refusing to get involved.

قصدي من نشر كل هذه المعلومات لم يكن ولن يكن بسبب أنني الساحرة الكاذبه التي ترغب بأن تسلب أموال عائلة الراجحي. سليمان هو الذي خلق هذه الأكذوبه وغيرها الكثير وهو الذي أدعي أني كاذبه لحماية نفسه. الشي الوحيد الذي أطالب فيه هو حرية طفلي سامي. سلميان بتصرفاته الأنانيه سلب من سامي حريته. كذلك الوكالات السعوية لم تساعدني في حل المشكله كالملحقة الثقافية السعودية في واشنطن والسفارة السعودية وحقوق الانسان السعودية وجمعية أواصر وغيرها.

Sulaiman went into my email behind my back and sent an e-mail to them saying that Sami’s roots where mistaken mixed with Sulaiman roots, that Sulaiman is not my son’s father, but all that is a bunch of lies because I personally called, talked and e-mail several times to Dr. Mody Alkhalaf and Gewaher Alsheyah asking for help to stop the threats from Sulaiman to take away my son. But no one answered me or tried to help me.

سليمان أخترق أيميلي من غير علمي وأرسل أيميل يوضح أن عروق سامي ليست هي عروق سلميان وأن سليمان ليس والد سامي. ولكن هذه ليست الحقيقه على الأطلاق أنها أكاذيب. لقد أتصلت هاتفيا وكذلك قمت بارسال العديد من الايميلات للدكتورة موضي الخلف والأستاذه جواهرالشيحة أطلب منهم مساعدتي خصوصا عندما كان سلميان يقوم بتهديدي بأن ياخذ سامي مني ولكن لأاحد قام بمساعدتي.

Sulaiman lied about not being Sami’s father but I was not the one who wrote the email and is not fair that everyone believes Sulaiman and he does not have any real evidence but I DO. They are playing game with my son, my reputation and our dignity as human beings. I do also try to contact Fahed Alrawaf who is the lawyer in charge of my case inside the Saudi Embassy BUT I have not received any reply for my several calls and e-mails.

سليمان كذب في الايميل عندما قال انه ليس والد سامي. أنا لم اقم بارسال هذا الايميل وليس من العدل أن يقوم الجميع بتصديق سليمان وهو لا يحمل أي دليل يثبت عدم أبوته لسامي ولكن أنا لدي أدلة تثبت ذلك. سلميان والاخرون يلعبون الخدع بأبني وسمعتي وسمعة سامي وبكرامتنا كبشر. كذلك حاولت الاتصال هاتفيا وعن طريق الايميل بالمحامي فهد الرواف وهو المحامي المسؤل عن القضية في السفارة السعودية ولكن لم يرد علي.

I am not poor women and I am so proud of my family who has been supporting me, actually my parents raised me to be successful, independent, and honorable woman, and the most important thing for them was to give me a good education.

أنا ليست أمراة فقيرة وأنا أعتز وأفتخر بعائلتي وهم من دعمني. في الحقيقه أمي وأبي أنشئوني لأصبح أمراة ناجحة مستقلة وذات شرف وكرامة وكانو يهتمون بأن يوفرو لي أفضل تعليم.

I did not throw myself at Sulaiman, I was just a girl who’s unfortunately happened to met him in Minneapolis. If I knew that Sulaiman’s family does not want their son to have a relationship with a girl I would have stopped seeing him. Or If I knew that he kept our relationship a secret I would NOT stay with him I am NOT a cheap girl. Sulaiman told me and confirmed that all of his sisters and his brother knew about our relationship, and all they want for him is to be happy. But he never introduced me to them and I was always asking why. When we went to malls to buy things for his sisters he always said that Huda called him to ask for many things, and I was the one who picked their dresses or outfits for them and their children. I was always happy finding great looking shirts and clothes for them, and I was the one who chose everything, especially for Ramadan 2011 when he went to spend Eid in there with his family.

أنا لم أرمي نفسي على سلميان أنا كنت الفتاة التي لسوء حظي قابلته في مينيابولس. لو كنت أعلم أن عائله سليمان لا تسمح لسليمان بأن يقيم علاقه من فتاة لأنهيت علاقتنا. ولو أني كنت أعلم أن سليمان أبقي علاقتنا سرا لما استمريت في علاقتي معه. أنني ليست فتاه حقيره أبحث عن العلاقات. في الحقيقه سلميان أخبرني وأكد لي أن كل أخواته وحتى أخيه يعلمون بعلاقتي معه وأنهم لا يريدون شيء غير سعاده سليمان. ولكن سليمان لم يقدمني لهم وكنت دايما اتسأل لماذا؟؟ عندما كنت أنا وسليمان نذهب الى الأسواق لشراء أحتياجات أخواته كان سليمان دايما يقول أن أخته هدى تتصل به لطلب أشياء كثيره ودائما كنت أنا من يختار ملابسهم وملابس أطفالهم. كنت في غاية السعادة لاختيار أجمل الملابس لهم وأنا كنت من يختار كل شي وخصوصا لرمضان 2011 عندما ذهب سليمان لقضاء العيد مع عائلته.

I was never suspicious because he brought all his attention to me and was “living for me” or that was he made me believed. He always said that his mom Sarah was trying to search for a wife for him but he refused all of them because he told his mom that he doesn’t want to marry a Saudi girl because he had found the love of his life in Minneapolis, who was supposedly “me”. When he was in KSA he never acted weird, we spent hours on Skype and he changed his schedule to see me on Skype every single night and slept together over Skype as we did in our home, or we watched a movie together through the internet. When he went for camping he always called me, and I always spoke with his friends and his nephew Meshal while he was in Saudi or when we were together at home. Also I spoke with many of his friends in other states in USA by Skype, and one of his friends in China. Basically he introduced me to all of his friends and told them that he would make me his wife no matter what his family said. The most who knows me and knew about everything was one of the Al-Rajhi’s family, I do not want to say his name, because he was living with us and supposedly he didn’t know about Sulaiman’s plans to leave me.

لم أكن أبد مرتابه أو في شك لأن سليمان أعطني كل أهتمامه وكان يعيش من أجلي ولكن هذا ما كان سليمان يريدني ان أومن به. كان سليمان دائما يخبرني بأن أمه ساره تبحث له عن زوجه ولكنه كان يرفض جميع الفتيات لانه قال لأمه أنه لا يرغب بالزواج من فتاة سعوديه لأنه وجد الحب الحقيقي في مينيابولس وكما يدعي ان هذا الحب هو أنا. عندما كان سليمان في السعودية لم يكن يتصرف بشكل غريب او مريب. لقد كنت أقضي ساعات طويله معه في سكايبي حتى أنه غير جدوله اليومي كي يلتقي بي كل ليلة في سكايبي وكنا نذهب الى النوم معا في سكايبي مثلما كنت أنا وسليمان نذهب الى النوم معا في منزلنا. وكنا ايضا نشاهد بعض الافلام عن طريق الانترنت. عندما ذهب سليمان للتخييم كان دائما يتصل بي. كذلك كنت دائما أتحدث مع أصدقاء سليمان ومع أبن أخيه مشعل عندما كان سليمان في السعوديه وحتى عندما كان معي في منزلنا. وايضا كنت اتحدث مع الكثير من أصدقائه الذين يعيشون في ولايات اخرى عن طريق سكايبي وتحدثت مع صديقه الذي يعيش في الصين. سليمان قدمني وعرفني بجميع أصدقائه وكان يقول لهم أنني زوجة المستقبل بغض النظر عن رأي عائلته. من أكثر الأشخاص الذين عرفوني وعلى علم كامل بقصتي مع سليمان هو شاب من عائله الراجحي ومن أقرباء سليمان أنني لا أرغب بنشر أسمه ولكن هذا الشاب كان يعيش معنا في نفس المنزل وأدعي أنه لم يكن يعلم بخطط سليمان ولا يعلم أن سليمان كان يخطط على تركي.

Another thing many of his little nephews and nieces saw me on Skype while we were talking and said hi to me many times, and maybe he did this to let me think that all was good and he knew that they won’t mention anything about me to his parents. I remember once I was talking to him on Skype and both of his parents came over inside his room to told him that some of his dad’s friend died, and supposedly he said that his dad saw me and said that I was so beautiful and he should marry me, but he never allowed me to talk to him, or even talk when he was talking with his dad through Skype from Huda’s account.

شيء اخر الكثير من بنات وأبناء أخوات سليمان وأخيه الصغار شاهدوني عن طريق سكايبي عندما كنت اتحدث مع سليمان وقالو لي (مرحبا) لمرات عديده. والان أنا اعتقد أن سليمان تصرف هذا التصرف لأطمئن وأعلم أن كل شي على ما يرام وكان يعلم أن الاطفال لن يخبرو والديه عني. أنني أتذكر في أحد المرات عندما كنت اتحدث معه عن طريق سكايبي قام والديه بالدخول الى غرفه سليمان لاخباره بان أحد أصدقاء والده قد توفي ولقد أخبرني سليمان بان والده رأني وقال أني جميله وأنه يجب على سليمان أن يتزوجني. ولكن سليمان لم يسمح لي أن أتحدث مع والده ولم يسمح بأن أتكلم عندما كان هو يتحدث مع والده وانا معه عن طريق سكايبي وكان سليمان يستخدم حساب أخته هدى.

I loved him as the fake person he showed me during all our relationship. One week before he left for good, we were sitting on the floor with the person who lived with us (Alrajhi) talking about getting married, he said he wants to get married, and Sulaiman said I do not have to find any other girl because next to me is sitting the one who will be my unique wife and the mother of my children. He promised me always that he will be there for me no matter what the circumstances were, and he promised me that he will be always there for our son and Sami will know who his father is, and have a relationship with him; he promised me to provide Sami with the best schools and to give him the best life as much as he could, but all that was bunch of lies because even him being in US he did not visit Sami even once, nor buy him anything. Until now Sami just know his father from a frame that I put next to his crib to meet his dad, but he had never seen him even on Skype.

أنني أحببت شخصيه سليمان المزيفه التي كان يتظاهر بها خلال علاقتنا. قبل رحيل سليمان عني بأسبوع, كنا نجلس معنا على الارض مع قريبه الشاب الراجحي الذي كان يعيش معنا وكنا نتحدث عن الزواج وعبر هذا الشاب عن رغبته بالزواج وقال سليمان أنه لا يحتاج للبحث عن زوجه لان الفتاه التي تجلس بجانبه هي زوجته المستقبليه وسوف تصبح هي أم أبناءه. سليمان كان يعدني دائما بأنه سوف يكون معي مهما كانت الظروف كما وعدني أنه سوف يكون موجودا من أجل أبننا سامي وأن سامي سوف يعلم من هو والده وأن سليمان هو من سيقوم بتربيه معي. سليمان وعدني بتوفير افضل تعليم لسامي وتوفير افضل حياة له. ولكن للاسف كان كل هذا أكاذيب. سامي الى الان لا يعرف والده. يعرفه من خلال صوره وضعتها بجانب سريره حتى أنه لم يرى والده عن طريق سكايبي.

I have lots and lots of memories but I want to talk about myself now, my name is Maria Andrea Chang but most people called me by my nickname “Mandre,” actually most of the people know me by my nickname. I’m studying an Educational psychologist bachelor degree with a specialization in children with disabilities studied on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, which was the place I first met Sulaiman and where my love and nightmare began. By now I have been working hard to provide all Sami’s needs with the help of my father. I wish my mom is here with me in this difficult time because any women would turn to her mom in these horrible situations but she passed away three years ago.

لدي الكثير والكثير من الذكريات ولكن أريد أن أتحدث عن نفسي الان. أسمي هو ماريا أندرا شن ولكن أغلب الناس يعرفونني وينادني من خلال اسمي المستعار ماندرا. أنني أدرس في مرحله البكالويس في تخصص علم النفس التربيوي وتخصصي الدقيق هو التعليم الخاص في جامعه مينيسيوتا وهو المكان الذي قابلت فيه سليمان ونفس المكان الذي بدأت فيه قصه حبي وبدايه كوبيسي. ولكن الان انا اعمل بجد لكي أوفر احتياجات سامي ووالدي يقوم بمساعدتي. أتمني لو كانت والدتي بجانبي في هذا الوقت الصعب لان أي أمراه تحتاج لمساندة أمها في هذه الاوقات الصعبه ولكن أمي توفيت قبل ثلاث سنوات.

I said many times before and I will say it again and again I am willing to get my son tested for a DNA test and I will pay for Sulaiman to get a DNA test to prove that Sami is Sulaiman’s son, so they can see that I am not a liar who just want to hurt them and because I want to clean my reputation and the honor of my son. That’s why I am asking YOU if YOU know any information about Sulaiman and his family PLEASE pass out this information to them or provide me a way to contact them inshallah to solve this issue in the best way for both parties I will really appreciate it. Since Alrajhi family is a big family in Saudi Arabia and I realized that many people have the same name as Sulaiman’s and even some of them have the same full name, I thought I should write his siblings’ names to avoid any confusion:

لقد قلت لأكثر من مرة وسوف أقولها مرة أخرى أنني على أتم الاستعداد لفحص سامي من خلال أختبار الحمض النووي وأنني على أتم الاستعداد لدفع تكاليف أختبار الحمض النووي لسليمان لكي أتبث أن سامي أبن سليمان لكي يتأكد الجميع أني لست كاذبه ولم يكن مقصدي أيذاء أحد وأيضا لكي أطهر أسمي وأسم أبني وشرفنا. لهذه الأسباب أرجو من كل من يعرف أي معلومات عن سليمان وعائلته أن يعلمهم بقصتي وأن يتواصل معي ويوفر لي أي طريقه للتواصل معهم لكي أنشاء الله تحل هذة القضيه. أنني أقدر لكم مساعدتكم لي. أعلم أن عائله الراجحي عائله كبيره في السعوديه وأن بعضا من أفرادها يحملون نفس أسم سليمان وبعضهم يحمل أسمه كاملا. لذلك قررت أن اكتب أسماء أفراد عائلة سليمان حتى أتجنب أي لبس.

· This is his father’s name and he has three wives أسم الأب: عبدالعزيز صالح عبدالله الراجحي ولديه ثلاث زوجات

· This is his mother’s name and she is the second wife أسم الأم: ساره سليمان اليحيى وهي الزوجه الثانيه

· This is his brother Bader’s name and his wife is from Alrajhi familyبدر عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي متزوج من الراجحي

· This is his older sister Samar سمر عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي متزوجه من الشنيبر

· This is his second sister Amjaad أمجاد عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي متزوجه من الراجحي

· This is Huda and she is not married هدى عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي لم تتزوج

· This is Maha مها عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي متزوجه من القرعاوي

Please understand that I am not trying to hurt anyone, it has been a long time now and Sulaiman’s family must listen to the other side of the story. They heard and believed their son who is refusing to do the DNA test. If I was really nobody in his life I will not know any of this information but I am 100% sure of who is my son’s father sore as Sulaiman even if he had tried to denied all in front of people without considering the consequence of how much damage he caused to the people who he claimed he love the most. Once again, I am NOT doing this for MONEY, I am doing all this to get Sami’s rights to have an honorable, integrity, and a happy life, and to clean my name whose was stained respectfully and unfairly.

أرجو أن تفهمو أني لا أحاول أئذاء أحد ولكن مر وقتا طويل وعائله سليمان يحتاجون لسماع الجهه الاخرى وهي أنا. لقد أستمعو وأنصتو وصدقو أبنهم سليمان وهو يرفض أختبار الحمض النووي. لو أنني لم أكن شيء في حياته لما عرفت كل هذة المعلومات عنه. أنني متأكده 100% من هو والد سامي حتى ولو حاول سليمان أنكار كل شي. سليمان أنكر سامي ولم يفكر بما سببه من ألم للأشخاص الذين أدعى أنه يحبهم من أعماق قلبه. وللمرة الاخرى أنا لم أفعل كل هذا من اجل المال أنني أفعله لكي أحصل على حقوق سامي وشرفه ولكي أطهر أسمه ويعيش حياة سعيده وايضا لكي أطهر أسمي الذي تلون بلظلم.

Thanks to all of you for reading, supporting and criticizing me. By time passes by Allah is making me strong and is showing me the way to get Sami’s freedom back. Allah blesses you all and forbids any evil act toward any of you, myself, and my son.

أشكركم على القراءه والدعم والنقد. أتمني من الله أن يجعلني قويه وان يدلني علي الطريق لكي أستعيد حريه أبني. بارك الله فيكم وأدعو الله أن يبعد الشر عنكم وعني وعن أبني.


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